Housing Equipment

  • partitioning boards
  • Partitioning Boards

    An effective, hygienic solution to segregate sexed birds within poultry housing. With the greater need to reduce Campylobacter and other diseases, this barrier is a light weight alternative to traditional wood and steel systems.

    Made from aluminium, the barriers are non-corrosive, suitable for arduous environments and easy to clean. Made to order, the partitioning boards feature brush strips to accommodate drinking and pan feeding systems of all shapes and sizes. The new self adjusting chain feeder adapter system can be converted to a pan feeder system at very little cost and disruption.

    Key Features
    Lightweight and durable
    Non corrosive, non porous materials
    Smooth cleaning surfaces so dirt does not stick
    Replaceable parts
    Brush Strips to seal around drinkers and feeders
    Sealed tube ends to eliminate faecal matter build up
    Bespoke made to fit your requirements
    Replacement brush strips available
    Can be used with pan or chain feeding

    Made to order - Please contact us to enquire
  • PVC Catching Curtains
  • PVC Catching Curtains

    Red Tractor Farm Assurance requires catching curtains to be fitted to main access doors to prevent light access to the house during daylight catching. In the event that a high level of ventilation is needed during depopulation, all of our catching curtains are made from a heavier grade of PVC to help reduce curtain movement and, due to the reduction in light when forklifts are manoeuvring through the shed doors, they also come with 2 PVC strip door markers. As an optional extra we can provide a centre strip. All our fittings are food grade stainless steel.

    Key Features
    Cost effective solution to heat loss
    Reduction in movement by using a heavier grade of PVC
    Retains heat in chilled air
    Reduces light ingress, noise levels, dust and fumes
    Helps exclude birds and vermin
    Simple to install and low maintenance
    Unique hook design means no locking strip required
    Heavy gauge food-safe grade 304 stainless steel
    Strip PVC can be detached in seconds
    Extruded with round edges, making it pedestrian friendly
    System allows for variable strip overlap
    We also offer Personnel Doors, made to order.