Feeding Systems

Cross Auger

Conveying is the ideal method to get your feed from A to B. It eliminates manual handling and the environment remains dust free. When connected to a bulk silo the conveyor provides a closed system, protecting your feed from moisture and contamination. Centreless conveyors take the feed to precisely where it is needed within any building. We can supply bins in a variety of sizes and colours along with all the major parts needed for your system to operate, using quality components. We can also supply parts to fit other systems, please contact us to find out more.

  • Upper Pickup Unit

    Upper Pickup Unit
  • Final Outlet

    Final Outlet
  • Lower Pickup Unit

    Lower Pickup Unit
  • Lower Pickup Unit - Double

    Lower Pickup Unit - Double
  • Outlet Drop Kit

    Outlet Drop Kit
  • Auger Spiral

    Auger Spiral

Pan Feeding

The Poultry Hut supplies complete pan feeding systems as well as spare parts for other feed systems. Our own feed system is made from high quality materials and in many cases can be interchangeable with other systems. We supply all major components including sensors, pan feeder tubes, motors, feed hoppers and suspension materials. Adjacent we have outlined our most popular products. Please contact us if you can’t see what you are looking for as we will be happy to assist.

  • Feed Hopper

    Feed Hopper
  • Poultry Feed Pan

    Poultry Feed Pan
  • Pan Feed Motor

    Pan Feed Motor
  • Auger Spiral

    Auger Spiral

The Poultry Hut can also supply complete chain feeding systems or replacement parts for existing systems. Please contact us for more information.