Farms at War

farms-at-warDean Llewellyn from The Poultry Hut on how biosecurity can defeat animal diseases

Biosecurity has been a hot topic in the farming community for some time now but several recent outbreaks of infectious disease in the UK have brought the subject into sharp focus. Biosecurity is becoming more and more prevalent in all aspects of livestock farming and food production.

A well accepted definition of biosecurity is ‘the protection of agricultural animals from any type of infectious agent – viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic’.

It might be helpful to look at the control of animal diseases in terms of a war scenario.

The war zone – The farm, its buildings, yards and sheds, markets and holding areas.

The enemy – Broad based and varied including; salmonella, listeria, aspergillus, enteroccus, pseudomonas , straphylococcus and others. Wild birds, vermin & insects, rodents and unclean water.

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The Poultry Hut comments on reaction to Avian Flu outbreak

featured_imageThe recent outbreak of Avian flu at a duck farm in Driffield has prompted Wiltshire-based The Poultry Hut, a leading supplier of poultry equipment and consumables, to offer practical advice and support to its customers and other poultry farmers concerned with the possible consequences and any further escalation of the disease.

Dean Llewellyn from The Poultry Hut and its sister company Hydor, said: “At this difficult time we would like to offer our full support to the industry. A second outbreak in the Netherlands is pointing towards infected wild birds as the cause.”

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The Poultry Hut appoints Business Development Manager

The Poultry Hut, suppliers of poultry equipment and consumables are delighted to announce the appointment of Dean Llewellyn as Business Development Manager.

Dean has a distinction in Beef and Sheep production and qualified as a Master Craftsman from Usk College of Agriculture.

With extensive experience in agriculture and other related industries Dean also represents The Poultry Hut’s sister company Hydor, specialists in the design and technical development of ventilation products and services for poultry and livestock buildings and commercial horticulture.

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